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Rebecca Moore

Even as a child, Rebecca had an inquisitive mind and a deep passion for writing. After completing high school, she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism that gave her the opportunity to combine her passions. Today, Rebecca is a top writer for a highly respected website where she contributes pieces in a variety of genres. In her spare time, she enjoys being home with her husband of eight years and the couple’s three children.

Donald Webster

Although Donald got a late start to his writing career, he quickly learned the ropes and today, is regarded as one of the best. Donald has a unique style that is informative, reader-friendly, and intriguing. Because of this, his following is growing and loyal. Donald has been married to his wife Dana for over 28 years and together, they love hosting both formal and informal gatherings for family and friends.

Paul Davis

One of the things that makes Paul’s writing stand out is his ability to cover so many genres with absolute expertise. No matter the subject, Paul drills down to details that so many writers overlook. Because of this, he captures the reader’s attention and holds it firm. Although Paul spends a great deal of his time at the computer, he is also an avid outdoorsman.

Jennifer Daly

While Jennifer is a capable writing regardless of topic, she focuses much of her attention on technology, entertainment, science, and health. Initially, Jennifer earned a bachelor’s degree in business but feeling unmotivated and bored, she quickly discovered not only a love but gift of writing. Combining her education with passion, Jennifer has become a top contributor online for major websites as well as hard publications around the globe.

Jose Garcia

Born in Mexico, Jose and his family were extremely poor. Determined to escape that life and create something better for himself but also his family, he came to the United States on a temporary Visa. Jose quickly learned the language, signed up for college, and loved the life. With hard work, he became a US citizen and today is ranked among the best writers on the web.

Timothy Kane

Growing up, all Timothy wanted to do was read. Considered a “nerd”, he was always fascinated with things going on nationally and internationally. Therefore, making the decision to attend college for journalism seemed like the obvious choice, and one that paid off greatly. Although he dedicates quality time to his expanding family, Timothy remains highly devoted to his career as a w