As expected, Microsoft announced the latest tablet that it is bringing into the market during the New York event yesterday. The new tablet announced as the successor of the surface Pro 3 is the Surface Pro 4 tablet. Microsoft is looking to boost the sales of its tablets once Surface Pro 4 arrives in the market. This is the slimmest and thinnest tablet on offer from the company.

The Surface Pro screen size has been increased a little bit to 12.3 inches from 12 inches. With more screen and less wasted space and same size, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 looks really attractive.

Surface Pro 4 Tablet Announced By Microsoft At Windows 10 Event

The great news about Surface Pro 4 is that it offers 605 more pixels than its predecessor Surface Pro 3. This means the Pro 4 arrives with over 5 million pixels and 267 PPI. The glass of the device is just 0.4 mm in thickness. The new tablet is offered with greater performance and feature than the previous Surface pro 3 tablet. It is 30% faster than surface Pro 3 with 1 TB of storage space and 16 GB of RAM memory.

The new Surface pro 4 tablet is offered with a stylus that comes with eraser function and a year’s battery. The stylus will easily stick on to the edge of the surface Pro4 tablet. A new type cover with larger trackpad and chiclet-type keyboard is also offered on the new Microsoft tablet.

The announcement of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is close on the heels of Apple and Google coming out with the newer versions of their tablets. It looks like there will be a tablet war during the holiday season in the market. All the tech companies will be looking to get maximum sales for their new tablets during the holiday season.

Microsoft has announced that the Surface Pro 4 will be offered at a price of $899. The tablets are available for pre-order right now. The deliveries of the tablet will commence on October 25th. It will also be hitting the stores by that time.

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has seen tremendous sales growth than its predecessor. Microsoft will be hoping that Surface Pro 4 enjoys a lion’s share of the tablet market once it gets launched. The Pro4 has come out with upgraded and better features than the Pro 3 and is sure to perform better in the tablet market.