A surgeon duo is offering a new procedure which promises weight loss in Southern Arizona. The doctors work for the Southern Arizona Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery. There are a number of options that they offer their patients when it comes to weight loss. The new procedure that they are introducing from this month is Orbera. This would be a non surgical and intragastric balloon procedure. This would be effective for those who are looking for minor weight loss in the range of 20 to 25 pounds. It will help them to maintain their weight through controlled appetite and portion consumption.

Surgeons In Arizona Offer New Weight Loss Program

The surgeons are Dr Stephen Burpee and Dr. Patrick Chiasson, who are the only ones who are trained and have the authority to perform this novel procedure in Southern Arizona. As per Dr. Patrick Chiasson, they are excited to be able to offer this novel procedure to patients in the lower weight range. For those who have a BMI in the range of 27 to 35 and need not opt for Bariatric surgery can look at this procedure to be able to lose their excess weight and maintain the same.

The procedure would consist of a balloon being placed inside the stomach of the patient. It would be inflated so that the space inside the stomach would feel full to a certain level. That would lead to a feeling of being full which will act as an effective appetite suppressant. As a result one would feel full more easily and be able to control the portions they consume. The procedure also includes a food plan that will guide the patients to healthy eating so that they can effectively lower their weight and control their appetite.

The procedure will not work without support which is a key to success of the procedure. The patients are placed under support programs that are individually tailored. There are Bariatric nurses who work with the patients to help them get free from the physical and mental barriers to eating less and controlled meals. There might be instances when one faces a plateau in their weight loss regime when they would be guided accordingly. The procedure is not new and has been around for about twenty years. The procedure is safe and approved by FDA. As the procedure allows support for the patients, the procedure is safe and provides a long term and sustainable solution to weight loss. Similar procedures are being looked at for obese children.