Many people might be dreading their inbox and what it contains every morning, but it is something that one simply needs to get used to as it is a constant for any workplace if not for personal communications as well. This is the finding of a survey whose results were released on 26th August 2015.

The popularity of other alternate ways of communication might have gone up like social media, texting and instant messaging, but polls have indicated that email is considered to be the top tool for communicating in workplaces. It is poised to grow in importance over the next few years as well.

Survey Indicates The Mainstay Of Emails Above Other Communication Methods

There was an online survey that was conducted among US white collar and adult workers, around four hundred in number and half of the population conceded that the use of emails for work purposes was poised to rise over the coming years. About nineteen percent felt that the use of emails would go up in a significant manner. About ninety percent and even more admitted that they checked their personal emails as well during work while eighty seven percent conceded to be checking office emails even when their office hours were over.

The survey, commissioned by Adobe Systems Inc stated that, as per the findings, email would remain as a cornerstone of workplace communication in the years to come. There are many companies that are introducing other productivity measuring tools and applications, but it is difficult to replace emails by any tool or application.

The poll asked workers’ questions as to how long they spent checking their emails and worked on them as well as personal messages. As per the responses received a worker on an average spends about 6.3 hours in a day on emails among which have of the time is devoted to work mails while the rest of the time is devoted to personal messages. The poll showed that Americans are devoted to staying in touch with emails all the time, even when it is socially unacceptable or situations when it is dangerous like walking down the road. Most people look at their emails before they come into office as well as while lying in bed. Most people check their emails while they are on vacation as well. The number goes up for the younger generation, those in the age bracket of 18 to 34 years. Most also check emails while they are driving. Millenials are addicted to emails to an extent that they cannot visit the bathroom without checking their emails.