A suspect has been arrested by the Thai police in the link to the Bangkok bombing. The bombing killed around twenty people as well as wounded several at a religious shrine in the city. There was a blast done a day later and the suspect is considered to be linked to both blasts. He was found at an apartment in a suburb near the city as per the police spokesman. The suspect is not the person wearing dark glasses and a yellow T shirt which had been caught in the surveillance video and was identified as the chief suspect in this incident. The man arrested is believed to be part of the network that started the bombings.

As per the police spokesman, the arrest was made on Saturday and the person is of Turkish nationality. However, the Turkish passports that he was holding turned out to be fake. The apartment revealed several fake passports that were held by the offender and other pieces of evidence. The ball bearings that had been used in the bombings were found in the apartment as well. Army personnel, forensic experts and police officers of high ranks visited the building after the arrest was made. The Nong Jok suburb is where the apartment was identified as this area is known to house Muslim communities.

Suspect Arrested In Link To Bangkok Bombing In Thailand

The explosion had taken place at the Erawan Shrine, which is a spot that is frequented by the locals as well as the tourists. The blast wrecked havoc in the lives of the locals on August 17th. The second blast occurred near the Chao Phraya river pier though this blast did not incur any casualties.

There have been no claims of responsibility so far about the two blasts. The main suspect had been identified as a foreigner who had been wearing a yellow t shirt and dark glasses and was found sitting on a bench at the shrine and hiding a backpack. He had been recorded in the surveillance camera. As per the police reports, around ten people were probably part of the plan, but the linkage to international terrorist groups is not likely. There had been three other suspects who were being considered as part of the attack, but the authorities have dismissed these notions now.

The Thai authorities are yet to reveal what they think was the motivation behind the bombings and no terrorist group, local or international have claimed responsibility for the bombings. The efforts might have been hurt the tourism industry of the country as well as impact the economy.