The popular Swiss designing and engineering firm Rinspeed will be taking the latest Etos sports car concept to the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. This will be the first public appearance of the sports concept car from Rinspeed and those attending the world famous technology event in Las Vegas next year will get to see the car in flesh and blood.

The Rinspeed Etos sports car will be the first car to be released by the Swiss manufacturers outside its country. Normally, Rinspeed chooses the Geneva Motor Show to showcase its new models. This time round it has decided to go global and take the car to the shores of the United States.

Teaser Image Of Rinspeed Etos Sports Car Revealed Online

Two teaser images of the all new Rinspeed Etos concept sports cars were released by the company in order to tickle the curiosity among many of the sports car lovers. The Rinspeed sports car is one that can completely turn into an autonomous self driving car. The car is fitted with an autopilot system that will easily and quickly learn about the surroundings when it runs in the autonomous mode. The steering wheel of the car will fold and will retract into the dashboard once it switches to autopilot mode.

The power train of the Rinspeed Etos sports car concept is a hybrid one, but there are not many specifications about the engine that have been let out by the designer now. More details will be surely revealed at the 2016 CES show in Las Vegas or even a couple of days before the event. The two windshields of the car will move closer to the passengers in auto pilot mode.

Even though the Etos car is designed as a sports car that will keep the driver on its toes, it takes the prize for its fully autonomous drive mode. The display in the car will turn into an entertainment system when running on the self driving mode. The system will easily respond to the commands that you give and the car is designed to operate in a chivalrous, thinking and anticipatory manner.

The 2016 CES show in Las Vegas will be from January 6 to January 9th and more details of the car will be revealed at the show. Rinspeed has said that they have chosen to unveil their new Etos sports car concept at the biggest electronics trade show of the world because of its autonomous concept.
Image Credit : Rinspeed