Tesla has announced that the most awaited Tesla Model X crossover will be ready for delivery by September 29. This is great news for everyone who has booked the new crossover. The car will be rolled out of the Tesla Fremont factory in California on 29 September. This will be the first delivery of the Signature edition of the Tesla Model X crossover. The car is priced at a whopping $132,000.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, had tweeted this news through his Twitter account and this means that the first production cars are ready for delivery. The Signature Series Model X crossover is a fully loaded car and hence it is priced higher. The Model S also has the same options that are offered in the Model X crossover, but comes at a price of $5000 less than the Tesla X. This is because the X has greater body and size than the S model.

This car was announced in 2012 and hence everyone is eager to see how the Tesla X signature edition performs. It is a regular practice for automakers to bring out higher priced versions of their new cars, before introducing the standard models into the market. Tesla has also done the same.

Tesla Announces Deliveries Of X Crossover From September 29

The company has been shelling out huge amounts of money before the launch of the Model X SUV. This car would be the first battery operated signature edition car to come out of the stable of Tesla. The automaker followed the production of the S model sedan with the X model SUV.

The CEO of Tesla, Musk, has announced that Tesla is also developing a cheaper version mass market car that starts at a price of $35,000. This is called the Model 3 and this car will be coming out in 2 years.

The Signature edition Tesla Model X SUV will be offered in a unique red color that does not feature in the lower S model sedan car. The features included in the Model X SUV are: enhanced sound and self parking.

The regular version of the Model X car will also be coming out later. The standard version of Tesla X will be priced about $25,000 less than the signature edition model X.

New reservations made for the soon to be delivered Tesla Model X SUV can be made on the Tesla website by clicking the reserve now button. The delivery of the same will be done in early 2016. Tesla will be taking a $5000 deposit from you when you reserve your Tesla Model X car.