The Tesla is a well known EV auto manufacturer. Tesla is looking to impress its customers with rewards program. The company is offering an incentive referral program for its existing customers. The original pilot program that Tesla is running until September 31 is one where an existing customer will get $1000 credit from Tesla if he is successful in recommending the new Tesla S model to his friend. If the deal is set, then both the referrer and the buyer will get a $1000 credit from Tesla.

The dealers, in Virginia and California are not game for the incentive referral program run by the company. But, Tesla is not buckling down under their pressure and has also announced to offer even sweeter rewards for their customers. The car buyer in Virginia gets the whole of $2000 because of the “bird-dogging” laws in place there.

Tesla Expands Its Referral Bonus Program To Woo Customers

The new expansion in the referral program means that there is no longer a maximum figure in the referrals made by a customer. The customer who has got the maximum number of referrals when the offer period closes on October 31 will be the winner. He or she will get the option to trade his Model S for a fully loaded Ludicrous P90D Model S. This was officially communicated by the company through a letter. This is really an exciting deal for all the owners of Tesla S model EV cars.

This is a unique way of boosting the sales of the Tesla S model car and the company is doing everything it could to interest the existing as well as the new customers through this incentive referral program.

The upgrade of the Model S to the Ludicrous P90D Model S is over and above the $1000 credit offered for referring friends to buy the Tesla S Model car. The first person who recommends 10 friends to buy Tesla S model in Asia Pacific, North America and the Europe regions will get a free Tesla Model X car. Any other person who is able to achieve the 10 car recommendations level after that will get an upgrade on the Tesla electric crossover to the exclusive Founder Series trim. This upgrade would have otherwise cost the car owners $20,000.

With so many offers from Tesla to please the existing customers and to bring new customers through these customers, the company is all set to make huge inroads in the car market share.