Tesla Motors is a very popular auto manufacturer in America known to develop electric cars for the global markets. In this day and age, there are many people who are turning to electric cars for their commutation needs. Gone are the days when people used to prefer gasoline powered cars. Now, it is the time for hydrogen fuel cells, battery operated cars and plug-in hybrid cars.

Tesla Motors are a big player in the electric car segment and it has announced on Friday that the company has delivered nearly 50% more vehicles in the third quarter. The Tesla is all set to ship its first completely electric car model called the Tesla Model X that has received wide appreciation from all over the globe.

Tesla Improves Its Deliveries Significantly, In The Third Quarter

Tesla claims that it has delivered as many as 11,580 vehicles during the third quarter of the year 2015. This means that Tesla deliveries have gone up by 49% than what it had achieved during the same quarter in 2014. The first deliveries of the Model X car are also included in this quarter’s sales. Even though the company had to face one week of planned shutdown of production, it was able to achieve this remarkable deliveries percentage.

Tesla has said that this is the sixth consecutive quarter that the company is recorded better service than the previous year’s quarters. Tesla has said a target of delivering about 50,000 to 55,000 of Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X cars for the year 2015. In August, the company had said that it had reduced the target down to about 5,000 vehicles.

In the second quarter, Tesla Motors was able to deliver 11,507 Tesla Model S cars, which is a record 52% more than what it has delivered in the same second quarter of 2014. This figure of 11,507 vehicles was later revised by the company in 11,532. So, by the end of the third quarter, Tesla Motors has been able to deliver over 33,100 Tesla cars.

The Tesla Model X is the first sports utility vehicle and it was showcased last Tuesday. The company then handed six deliveries of the Model X cars to a select number of customers. Tesla’s Fremont, California plant is where the Model X SUV is built.

The Model X might have contributed to the deliveries percentage in the third quarter, but the contribution is significantly low as the car has just launched. The Model X is sure to be a big seller for Tesla during the holiday season.