CarrollA mother from Texas is in some serious trouble after forcing her seven-year-old daughter to sleep in an outside dumpster. According to reports, Alicia Carroll is now in the Dallas County jail on charges of endangering and abandoning a child. The judge set bail for the 25-year-old mother at 25,000.

In a statement from a Dallas police spokesperson, around 10:00 pm Carroll left a Northwest Dallas spa with her daughter. For some reason, Carroll thought the police were after her so to get away, she told her daughter to get inside the dumpster as a place to hide.

Believing that her mother was coming back to retrieve her, the girl was left behind but she soon fell asleep inside the dumpster. Approximately 10 hours later the girl woke up and headed back to the same spa where the two had visited.

Someone at the spa notified law enforcement officials. After arriving on scene, they found the girl to have bruises and scrapes on her body. The child was also extremely thirsty and hungry.

In the meantime, Carroll phoned 911, telling police dispatch that after leaving her daughter with a friend, the individual refused to give the girl back. However, after being confronted about the situation, she admitted to leaving the spa and staying in the parking lot where she drank two full glasses of vodka.

Carroll then stated that after walking away from the area with her daughter, she must have blacked out because she cannot remember anything else. Police took the girl to a local hospital where she was examined and finally released to a responsible family member.

As expected, Child Protective Services has been handed the case. As stated by Major Rob Sherwin with the Dallas Police Department, Carroll’s actions were caught on surveillance video, which shows that along with her and the daughter, her boyfriend was also at the spa.

In addition, Carroll had not simply left the spa but given the boot after the couple took alcohol inside. The surveillance also shows that Carroll climbed into the dumpster with her daughter before getting out and leaving the child behind. Sherwin also disputed Carroll’s claims that she searched but could not locate her daughter.

Several witnesses in the area told police that they saw the young child wandering the streets, appearing to be scared. Carroll’s attorney was asked for comment on the case but none was provided.