For those who have loved the first season of “Booze Traveler”, they can look forward to seeing the second season which is set to premiere from 28th September. The second season will kick start with Jack Maxwell, the host taking the viewers through a journey of alcoholic wonders and watering holes tucked away in different parts of Greece. Indeed, the ancient country will be viewed in a unique perspective with its age old traditions discovered as well as the distinct alcohols and people traditions unveiled in this program.

For those who are fans of Jack Maxwell and his visits to different bars and pubs in this show will see him open the second season with a visit to Greece. The season will have sixteen episodes, each an hour long, with Max visiting countries like India, New Zealand, Hungary, Finland, Guatemala and several others where he will check out the fresh brewed beer as well as liquors that are homemade or cocktails that are hand crafted in different locations in these countries.

The Booze Traveler Show Is Set To Premier The Second Season

Maxwell talks about how the lives and habits of people of a country or region reflect in their drinks. One gets to find out about traditions in different regions, listen to interesting stories and exchange views and thoughts in a social and cultural context, all over a drink. Greece is the first destination in this show where its traditional features uppermost as the country fight through economic uncertainties today. Jack starts his journey from a remote town in the mountains where sheep are herded and a traditional pomace liquor is created with anise flavor as well as white wine that is flavored with pine sap, a recipe that dates back around 2000 years.

These are some of the wonderful finds in this show as Jack visits remote places as well as explore different traditions in the country. There are instances when he crashes a bachelor party and checks out ouzo or the traditional drink that is part of an intimate bed making ceremony for new couples. In Athens, he enjoys a traditional mead inspired drink or becomes the first American to try yamas. There are drinks that are combinations of different liqueurs and these which are part of distinct traditional ceremonies. He also discovers mastic trees that are known to produce the Mastika liqueur. These are some of the several instances that one can witness in this show as Jack takes viewers through an in-depth tour of the countries and introduces people to their traditions as well as local drinks.