The death toll that is going up every day of the migrants and asylum seekers in the EU has exposed the failure of the bloc to handle the crisis effectively which has been growing for a while now. The findings are grim, both on land and sea which has drawn in criticism from around the world. There have been seventy one bodies found in a truck in Austrian region as well as more than one hundred and fifty people who have drowned near Libya, incidences that call for solutions to this problem of human trafficking.

The daily death toll is rising in Europe as several migrants and refugees are desperately seeking shelter in the EU countries. However, the EU has not been able to form a solid plan on how to address these migrants or refugees and how to direct the authorities and the people in this matter. The response of the EU has been halting and scattered as waves of people are coming to seek asylum.

The Crisis Over Migrants In Europe Has Drawn Criticism

The scores of people who are leaving behind a war torn and impoverished nations to find a better life in Europe are in tens and thousands which is an issue that needs to be effectively addressed by the EU. Chancellor Merkel in Germany stated that this crisis of the EU is even bigger than the meltdown in Greece. With vague laws existing as to how to deal with asylum seekers, many countries are unable to cope with the thousands who are pouring in every day. The need of the hour is changes that need to be introduced to the asylum system via a summit emergency meeting.

The standards for granting asylum are vague in the EU and no common countries are listed which are in conflict. Hence, there is no system of where asylum seekers can be housed, met, fed and screened. Hence, certain countries are welcoming the migrants while others are flouting the legal international norms. Brussels has become a free for all accommodation while certain countries are taking responsibility in dealing with the refugee problem legally. However, some are flouting laws and people are dying as a result. This is the first time that there has been a large influx of people into the EU for which it is poorly set up in terms of immigration framework and asylum laws.. The front line states are Austria, Italy and Greece which are unwilling to take on more responsibility. The laws need to be present to ensure an equitable share of the responsibilities of the asylum seekers across the EU countries.