The culinary scene in Nashville had been part of a New York Times coverage, which has been picked up as a new topic by Travel Channel. It was aired on Tuesday night as part of a new series called “36 hours” and the second episode has already been shown. Here Nashville’s culture, attractions and food are being highlighted and explored by the hosts. This show was part of the travel series started by NYT, which was covered last fall. Clips from the one hour show that was done by NYT can be found on its website. Here the hosts were taken to experience the jam and biscuits of the Loveless Café by Kim Severson, the food writer.

Before the episode was aired on Travel Channel an update was published by the NYT. Here Severson discussed the culinary scene in Nashville. She also compared the city and its culinary scene with other hotspots in the southern region like New Orleans and Charleston. The south is described as diverse as Italy, where every region has a distinct expertise and flavors to offer in diverse forms of cuisine. Overall, the comparisons are not easy to make when it comes to experts and their recipes from the Southern cities. However, Nashville is definitely becoming a wanted food destination with produce and meat of good quality easily available here. Hence, many chefs are eyeing Nashville as the place to open a restaurant or eatery to get an audience and supplies in good quantity.

The Culinary Scene Of Nashville Comes Into Focus Through The New York Times And Travel Channel

On the food front, business networking events in Nashville are best planned around meals like the upcoming business breakfast event that is planned and will be hosted by Nashville Business Journal and Lipscomb University. The style of the event will be as a news conference, though the theme is networking for the business leaders. The discussions will be around several topics that impact the local economy. Sponsors of the event will include PNC Bank, Crowe Horwath and Burr Forman. More details about the event can be found on the Nashville Business Journal site.

With Nashville’s food scene coming into focus, through NYT and Travel Channel, more business opportunities will be sought out by chefs who would like to explore the culinary scene in this southern city. As the local eateries come into focus, investments in the unique food businesses and related events will also look up. There is nothing like food business around which several other related ventures can be found for enterprising individuals and businesses.