Blake Swihart, a rookie catcher ran as fast as he could on the tenth inning in the Friday night game which helped to earn a victory of 6-3 for the Red Sox. The game was against the Mets and the tiebreaker was the home run inside the park. Fortune has definitely shown on the team as Blake fervidly exhausted himself on the run.

Swihart hit the ball that cleared the fence and the yellow line which actually mattered. The hit should have been called a home run easily, but the broadcast did not show it clearly due to which the home team ensured the same. The ballpark designers have made the field at Citi Field such that, if one is watching a game live, they will not be able to understand if the ball has cleared the yellow line or not. However, the fence which had no padding, allowed the ball to roll away from the outfielder, Juan Lagares. That was also the reason why Lagares did not run with full potential as he saw that the hit had been made above the yellow line.

The Home Run Of Blake Swihart That Made The News

The Red Sox skipper did not ask for a review or replay for which all ended well. However, the home run that was evident was made more evident by Swihart’s fervid runs. If he was told that the home run had already been achieved, everyone wonders what his reaction would have been. When he came to the field his aim was to get to the base and to give a lead to his team against the Mets of New York. When he hit the ball above the boundary line in orange, he was unsure and none of the umpires offered a signal. Hence he kept running and running and achieved a home runs inside the park as well, ending in exhaustion, but making the win for his team even easier.

Even though Swihart was left tired and exhausted, he won a place in the records of Red Sox. The job that he did in the park is a first as a Boston hitter since the year 2011. It is also considered the first since 1966 in the category of extra innings scored. Also, many have pointed out that, it is a first by a Red Sox catcher since the year 1946. Swihart is credited to have achieved two home runs in his career spanning 62 MLB games. He has also hit 22 after 1344 appearances in the plate category when playing at the minor levels.