If you saw The Carmichael Show that was broadcasted on NBC you will probably find similarities of this show with the sitcom Mr. Robinson. The sitcoms have something in common; they both begin with characters of the show bursting into a song in the first episodes. However, those who are about to witness the show again need not get worried as the Carmichael show does improve in the subsequent episodes. The credit goes to veteran actors like David Alan Grier and Loretta Devine, who come onto the screen later on.

Jerrod Carmichael stars as Jerrod who is a young guy staying in Charlotte, NC and plans to move in Maxine, a role played by Amber Stevens West, his girlfriend. He has to break the news to his religious mother, Ms. Devine and father, Mr. Grier.

The Humorous Carmichael Show Gets Rave Reviews

This show, understandably, is structured around the comedian Jarrod Carmichael. This show might see a fate similar to Sullivan & Son, which was a show centered around the main comic character, though he ended up having to play a more serious role as compared to the other crazier and funnier figures around him. The Carmichael show also shows promise of similar trajectory in its career. However, the lead man here seems to be able to hold his own here. The sitcom co stars are being bounced off by him in a capable manner.

The uniqueness of this show is the topical aspect it shows. Boston Legal might have been a series which was shown during prime time that name checked many political figures as well as news events. The same is done with this show, but it is done in a politically incorrect manner which is entertaining and hilarious.

The second episode that will be aired is about the protests that have occurred over a shootout with the police. A gag on looting is also part of the episode. The first episode reveals how the Jerrod’s father had voted for Bush in the year 2004. He had received a stimulator check as he had asked for $1600 in return for allowing him to bomb whoever he wanted.

Even if The Carmichael Show might not be the greatest sitcom, it surely has put in efforts in its script to offer humor around contemporary and cutting edge issues. Even if the first impression might not have been impressive, the show might turn out to be smarter and funnier. That is hoped for by the fans and those who look forward to the show every scheduled night on weekdays.