Racism in music is a controversial topic. Many often divide the blacks and the white pop culture in different segments. For some the black artists are designated to urban music category, while crossover music and artists are often debated, especially when they are successful. These are issues that are decades old. Many artists choose to ignore these topics. However, a few weeks ago Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj came into a disagreement that occurred around the Video Music Awards of MTV and how the show treats the nominees in the black female category. That conversation has become more controversial as Miley Cyrus has added her say in the matter as well.

The controversy was sparked off when Nicki Minaj stated that she was unhappy about the nominations announced at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. The nominees were announced last month and Minaj stated that artists in the black female category were not given due importance in the pop culture as she hit Anaconda did not feature among the nominations this year.

The Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus Controversy

She stated that videos with extremely slim women were chosen for nominations and even though her video had broken records and impacted culture, she was overlooked for best choreography and video among the nominations in VMA. Her implication towards very slim women was mainly towards Bad Blood video of Taylor Swift. Swift also took exception and retorted to the tweets sent by Taylor Swift. Swift, however, retorted in a nice way and stated her disappointment as to how Nicki was pitting women artists against one another. She stated that she had always loved and supported Nicki’s work.

Cyrus came into the picture because she would be hosting the gig and she stated that she did not understand the back and forth between Nicki and Swift but at the end, anger and negativity do not help. She also retorted back to Nicki stating that racism should be renounced, but not by jabbing at other artists directly. She stated that her personal opinion about Nicki is that, the latter is not too kind and the statement made by her was not polite.

Miley might have ignited more fire than there was but Taylor had made it personal by her remarks while Nicki had not talked about her personally. Swift tweeted back an apology to Minaj, stating that she misunderstood and deviated from the larger issue that Nicki meant to address. Nicki stated that this meant a lot to her. The catfight or what the media are calling it, sure is hogging the spotlights.