Nissan NV200 vans have been on sale in the U.S. market since 2013. But, the van had really run into rough weather over the past couple of years and its sales were diminishing with every passing month. Now, things are looking really bright for Nissan Motors and for the Nissan NV200 van in particular.

The Japanese automaker, Nissan Motors, has struck a deal in the Big Apple to become the city’s official taxi from September 1. This is really great news for Nissan Motors and the Nissan NV200 will be seen plying as the official taxi on the streets of New York City with its trademark yellow color.

Nisan faced a lot of problems from the cab drivers and politicians before striking the $1 billion deal to run the NV 200 as the exclusive cab in New York City. But, now it looks like all roadblocks have been cleared and Nissan will start to soon ply NV200 van yellow taxis on the Big Apple streets.

The Nissan NV200 Has Become New York’s ‘Taxi Of Tomorrow’

New Yorkers can soon see the change in the taxi and there are as many as 750 Nissan NV200 cabs that are offering taxi services in New York City. Out of the 13,000 yellow cabs available as cabs in the city, there are many that will be worn out every year.

Very soon you will see as many as 3,000 NV200 ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ to be playing on the New York City roads. The Taxi of Tomorrow will eventually end up with 80% of its fleet as cabs. The rest of the cabs that would be used in the NYC would be wheelchair accessible models as well as hybrid cabs.

The challenge that the city faced was to ask all the cab drivers to stick on to driving a single model car. There were even court interferences that monopoly was not fair. The deal was even thought to be void at one stage. But, at last, the court took a decision in June to give full permission to sign the NV200 agreement.

The challenges for the Nissan NV200 vans have not diminished altogether. It will be facing stiff challenge from the ridesharing apps like Uber that are luring the riders as well as the yellow cab drivers to its fold. Also, the amenities on offer from the Uber app and the traditional taxis that are currently on work form Uber outnumber the new Nissan NV200 vans. The NV200 vans now offer few amenities like panoramic sunroof and cell phone charging at the moment. There is no doubt that the amenities on offer will increase as the days pass by.