It is well known that fruits and vegetables are the ideal items to make a part of your weight loss diet regime. The old saying about an apple a day still holds true today. In general all vegetables and fruits have certain nutrition and benefits to offer. But when it comes to weight loss, there are certain items that are proven to be more effective than others.

The Vegetables And Fruits That Are Best For Weight Loss

When you are choosing fruits and vegetables for weight loss you need to choose items that have a low glycemic index as well as provide fiber to the diet. This is as per a new study that has been produced on this subject in PLOS Medicine. The study has recorded findings over a period of 24 years. The diets that have been studied are inputs received from a population of 117000. The men and women who are included in the study were in their thirties and forties. The general summation of the study is that fruits and vegetables are good for us and form a healthy diet. There was also another finding that was noticed among the participants who increased their intake of vegetables and fruits over a period of four years. It was noticed that they put on less weight as compared to those who did not. A closer look at their diet also provided insights on what are the fruits and vegetables, ideal for weight loss and which are not.

Soy and tofu food items when added as daily servings caused a gain in less than 2.5 pounds in the recipients. The weight differences were also appreciable when fruits like pears, peppers, apples, berries and other citrus based fruit items were made part of the diet. However, when starchy vegetables like peas, potatoes and corn were added to the diet, this did not result in less weight gain but appreciable gain was found.

However, it is not imperative that one quits their spring pea salad or a baked potato dish every week. There are beneficial nutrients that are included in these vegetable items like vitamin K in peas, fiber and potassium in potatoes which is beneficial for the health of individuals. These need to be combined with other items like peppers, berries which will help one to feel full for a longer period of time as well as keep off cravings for sweet dishes which usually act as culprits for weight gain.