The Global Thermal Imaging Market is segmented on the basis of application, solution and geography. The report on Global Thermal Imaging Market Forecast 2012-2022 provides detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.The Global Thermal Imaging Market is expected to grow exponentially due to rise in demand for commercial applications and thermal camera in smartphone industry reported by, Occams Business research. The increasing demand for Global Thermal Imaging Market is increasing due to huge demand created by rising smartphone users.
Global Thermal Imaging Market is expected to contribute highest in North America followed by Europe. Rise in adoption of thermal imaging applications such as Surveillance, surveys, radiology, threat detection major drivers for the Global Thermal Imaging Market. FLIR Systems, Danaher Corporation, DRS Technologies, BAE Systems, Sofradir Group, Axis Communications, L-3 Communications, Raytheon and so on. Mergers and acquisition, partnerships are the key winning strategy of the market.

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Scope of the report

1. Global Thermal Imaging Market by Application 2015- 2022 ( $ billion)
1.1. Global Surveillance Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.2. Global Threat detection Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.3. Global Surveys Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.4. Global Predictive maintenance Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.5. Global Radiology Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.6. Global Intelligent transportation systems Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.7. Global Commercial and residential security Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.8. Global Personal vision Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.9. Global Firefighting Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.10. Global Research and Development Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.11. Global Automotive Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.12. Global Veterinary Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
1.13. Global Others Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)

2. Global Thermal Imaging Market by end user 2015-2022 ( $ billion)
2.1. Global Military & Defense Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)
2.2. Global Commercial Market 2012-2022 ( $ billion)

3. Global Thermal Imaging Market regional outlook 2015-2022 ( $ billion)
3.1. North America
3.2. Europe
3.3. Asia Pacific
3.4. Middle East & Africa
3.5. Central & South America

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