Three Americans successfully tackled a gunman who was armed while traveling on a train bound for Paris. It was later discovered that the three men are friends from middle school who acted as heroes and prevented a massacre that could have claimed several lives. The incident took place last Friday. Spencer Stone, 23 years of age, is a paramedic with the Air Force in US and is a first class Airman as well. When he saw his two childhood friends from Sacramento, Anthony Sadler Jr. And Alek Skarlatos get up, he knew that he had to go with them.

Skarlatos who is an Oregon National Guard and served a stint in Afghanistan. Stone and Skarlatos were accompanying Sadler on his first Europe trip. Sadler is a senior at the Sacramento State University, whose parents are in shock to hear about how he tackled the gunman with his friends. Tony Sadler Sr. stated that, as parents, they were initially in shock after which they became thankful that no injury or hurt occurred to the guys and that a massacre had been averted.

Three American Heroes Hailed After Gunman Incident In France

As Anthony Sadler returned home to California on Tuesday he was seen to have been escorted by his parents from a commercial plane, casual and relaxed in a grey sweatshirt and shorts, hard to be identified as one of the national heroes being proclaimed on national television. He and his family were then escorted to a sheriff’s vehicle that waited for them. The family was then flown to Sacramento via a private jet from Portland. The mothers of the American heroes were flown to France after the incident occurred by a private jet sponsored by the CEO of Columbia Sportswear.

The three friends were able to subdue Ayoub El-Khazzani who is known to have ties with a radical Islamic group. He was carrying an assault weapon and a handgun on himself when the three tackled and subdued him. Stone suffered certain injuries during the attack and is currently being treated in Germany, where his friend, Skarlatos remains with him. It has been announced by the US Army that the Soldier’s medal would be awarded to Stone which is the highest award given out to individuals who display heroic acts when not in direct conflict with any enemy. Sadler, who has arrived home, is facing much fanfare. He is scheduled to be back on campus on Monday and many fans are willing to donate for his final school year. Those who were on the flight with Sadler were surprised by his casual and low key behavior, a sign of humility of a true hero.