One of the first companies to come out with a smart watch was Pebble. It did bring the smartwatch into the world with the help of Kickstarter. Pebble came out with Pebble Time smart watch earlier in the year with a color screen. Now, it has plans to come out with a new Pebble watch that looks more like a proper watch that ‘you and me’ wear on our wrists. The new watch that was announced by Pebble this week is called the Pebble Time round. The watch is a round smart watch, as the name suggests.

The new Pebble Tine Round looks like a classic watch, with a 33.5 mm face. The color screen is in the middle portion only. There are tick marks around the band that denotes the seconds. Pebble is very happy that it has come out with the Pebble time round watch and claims that it is the thinnest smart watch at 7.5mm. The watch resembles more or less like the Alcatel budget smart watch that come out a few months ago.

Time Round Watch From Pebble Announced

The display of the Pebble time Round smart watch is just the same color e-paper. This means that the watch will offer a better battery life when compared to other smart watches on sale now. The previous Pebble smart watch offered a battery life of up to a week. This Pebble Time round watch can last for 2 days on a full charge. But, its battery life is still a day longer than what Apple watch offers.

All the features that you have used in the previous edition of the Pebble smartwatch are also seen in the Pebble Time Round watch. It will offer you features like timeline UI, voice actions and support through notifications.

The best part about the new Pebble Time Round smart watch is that it looks very much like a normal day watch. The width of the band is 14 mm and is ideal for those who like to use skinny straps. The watch looks to be designed with women in mind. The watch comes in black, rose gold, ad silver finishes. All the apps of Pebble will work on the 1.25 inch small color screen.

The Pebble Time Round watch will be offered in two versions, one for the guys, and the other version for the ladies. Both the versions have the same dimensions and the difference is only in the band thickness, which is 20 mm for gents and 14 mm for ladies. You can pre-order the Pebble Time Round for $249.99.