This report presents a comprehensive overview of the toilet paper market in Greece and its state as of January 2014. It provides detailed analysis of the industry, its dynamics and structure.
The purpose of the report is to describe the state of the toilet paper market in Greece, to present actual and retrospective information about the volumes and dynamics of production, imports, exports and consumption, the characteristics of the market for the period 2008-2012 and to build a forecast for the market development until 2018. In the same way, the report presents an elaborate overview of the main market participants, the price fluctuations, the growth and demand drivers of the market and the factors, influencing its development. Last but not least, the report presents a general overview of the economy of Greece in 2008-2012 and a forecast for its development in the medium term.

Toilet Paper Market
Toilet Paper Market

The report on the toilet paper market in Greece includes:
Analysis and dynamics of the economy of Greece;
Forecast for the development of the economy of Greece;
Analysis and forecast of market volume and dynamics;
Volume, dynamics and analysis of domestic production;
Characteristics of market structure (by origin, by types of products, etc.);
Analysis of price level and dynamics;
Volume, dynamics and analysis of imports;
Volume, dynamics and analysis of exports;
Volume, dynamics and analysis of consumption;
Characteristics of the main market participants (manufacturers, importers and exporters);
Analysis of the factors, influencing the development of the market;
Analysis and dynamics of supply and demand on the market;
Forecast for development of the market in the medium term.

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Brief overview of used methodology:
Analysis of official statistical information;
Semi structured interviews with market experts;
Semi structured interviews with corporate clients of the market;
Analysis of information, received from the main market participants;
Analysis of secondary information from official sources;
WMStrategy own methodology.

This report will allow you to:
Quickly and costeffectively gain understanding of the market volume, value, dynamics and structure past, present and future;
Review and analyze key market indicators;
Identify key trends on the market;
Identify key drivers behind recent market changes;
Evaluate the growth potential and threats on the market;
Evaluate the market growth and demand drivers;
Evaluate the key macroeconomic indicators to get insight into the general trends within the economy;
See how the market performed in the past (over the last 5 years) and how it will perform in the future (in the next 5 years);
Get acquainted with the leading companies on the market (manufacturers, importers, exporters);
Evaluate how diversified the market is in terms of competitive intensity, fragmentation and environment;
Add weight to pitches and presentations by using official and accurate data;
Assess the market attractiveness;
Build your own market forecast, based on official data and analysis;
Build your own strategy for the market or evaluate your current strategy.

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