It is about five days since the fourth generation Toyota Prius was revealed in Las Vegas. The car has turned out to be the most talked about vehicle in the auto markets at present. While the Tesla model was grabbing the headlines and being talked about widely, the Toyota Prius leak has made everyone sit up and notice this car from Toyota Motors.

The new sleek and edgy look of the 4th generation Toyota Prius makes eyes drool and helps it to stand out in the crowd. This iconic hybrid car has sharp angles everywhere and looks a completely modern looking car. The car is built on the Toyota’s new Global Architecture platform. This is the first car to be seated over this new platform from Toyota. This platform will help in designing quicker and cost effective front drive and rear wheel drive models.

Toyota Looking To Impress With Fourth Generation Prius

The Prius will be offered with improved handling characteristics because of the own platform and comes with lower mounted powertrain. The rear end has a double wishbone suspension layout and the front end features a revamped MacPherson setup.

Honda was the first Japanese car manufacturer to bring the hybrid vehicle to the United States. But, it was the Toyota hybrids that gained popularity in the US and is synonymous with the hybrid technology in U.S. Toyota has sold over 3.9 million Priuses so far and about half of them have been sold in the U.S. alone.

The things that make car buyers attracted towards the Toyota Prius hybrid cars are its excellent gas mileage and the cost factor. The Prius hybrid version comes to you under $30,000. The styling cues of the 4th generation Prius are borrowed from the Mirai fuel celled car. The front fascia comes with boomerang shaped headlights. The strong C pillar of the car offers a floating roof effect with tall LED tail lights at the rear end.

The powertrain that you will find under the hood of the 4th generation Toyota Prius is an updated version of the 1.8 liter petrol power plant that is combined with a compact nickel battery powered electric motor. It is expected that the new Prius will offer better fuel efficiency of about 30 plus mpg, which is far better than the previous generation Prius.

The Toyota will be offering a lower gas bill and also be coming out at an attractive price, in order to win the hearts of hybrid car lovers.