It is a known fact that a high protein diet is taken up by bodybuilders as nutritionists recommend that protein is needed to lose fat, to build muscles as well as to tone the body. When one is looking to lose weight they usually cut down on fat, carbohydrates and sugar, but the hunger pangs become difficult to handle. Again, fatigue and loss of energy are other side effects of a low calorie diet. For that reason, going on a high protein diet will keep the hunger pangs at bay as well as help the body to lose fat as well. When this kind of a diet is followed, the body needs to break down protein blocks to release energy which is a harder process than burning carbohydrates. As a result, the metabolism levels are stepped up and one burns more calories in the process. Again, protein is also known to help people to feel full for longer time, which reduces the urge to binge on unhealthy snacks.

Try A High Protein Diet To Lose Weight

Protein can be taken in different forms. It is best to choose the protein sources that are rich in different nutrients like nuts, eggs, seeds, and lean meats, dairy in the low fat form as well as seafood, soy and beans. No matter what kind of protein you are having, it is best to change the form or source of protein in your food from time to time. Fish like salmon are rich in omega 3 while lentils and beans offer protein as well as fiber to your body. Almonds, walnuts and other nuts had as snacks or when sprinkled on salads, will help to ensure a variety of protein and other nutrients in your diet as well.

These sources of protein are often sources of complex carbs as well, which makes a more balanced diet plan. Hence, when you add on whole grains, legumes and beans to your diet, you would be making your meals fuller and healthier. There are several advantages that come from a high protein diet. The body needs to work hard to digest these food items. As a result, your body would be working hard to digest these food items, churn out more energy and these results in more calories burnt. As per dietician Raneem Abdulmajeed, if one increase their protein intake by thirty percent will be consuming 450 calories less per day and that will aid them to lose eleven pounds over a twelve week weight loss regime, keeping other things constant.