Josh Duggar of reality TV fame admitted to have cheated on his wife when reports came out through the hacked website Ashley Madison where his sexual encounters and discourses were revealed. His family confirmed on Wednesday that he has been admitted for rehabilitation, which would be a long term treatment. His parents stated on their family website that they prayed that he would come to terms and repent for his misdeeds and come out as a changed and sincere man.

Duggar, who is twenty seven years of age, gained stardom through the TLC reality show that showcased the lives of the conservative Duggar family from Arkansas. As the Ashley Madison website hacked, details were revealed, Duggar admitted to have cheated on his wife, a marriage that had been on for six years. He also admitted to have been addicted to porn and that he was a hypocrite to all the values and conservativeness that he showcased in front of the world.

TV Star Josh Duggar Accused Of Cheating, Goes Into Rehabilitation

The admission came when reports revealed that among the names that the hackers dumped which were about millions of users of the Ashley Madison site, Duggar’s name was also present. This was the second blow that the Duggar family received after the TLC network cancelled the “19 Kids” show when it was revealed in May that Josh Duggar had abused four sisters sexually as a teenager, one of whom had been under ten years of age. Following these revelations Duggar resigned from his post as a lobbyist of the Family Research Council, a Christian organization. The parents stated in a statement that these actions of their eldest son have grieved them much. They stated that, his choices have hurt his children and wife as well as others. He has insulted the faith and values that were taught to him.

Josh had married Anna in 2008 and is parents of four children. Josh was executive director at the FRC Action organization where he spoke in favor of the unborn child protection act.

Following the revelations from the hacked site Ashley Madison, Josh issued an online apology to those he has hurt by his actions. He also called himself a hypocrite, an admission which came also in acknowledgment of having molested five girls as a teenager, two of whom were his sisters.

Josh was supposed to star in the TLC reality show “19 kids and counting” where he would have appeared along with his parents and eighteen siblings to portray a religious and wholesome family. This show has been running since 2008.