The British businessman owned company, TVR, is readying to hit the market with a new model, which might feature a four-cylinder. The owner, Les Edgar, closed the doors of the company, after taking it over in 2013, stating the reason as restructure of the enterprise. TVR has four new cars to be launched in its arsenal, and the first one is expected to reveal in 2017.

Roaring back into action, Edgar has a new partner with him this time, and he is the man behind McLaren’s 243mph F1 sports car, Gordon Murray. The duo is sure to set the standards high this time, and we can expect to witness a great masterpiece from them. The car they are crafting is based on a Cosworth-sourced V8 engine, and Edgar confirmed the car is a two-seater, powered by the rear wheels.

The company, under Edgar’s leadership, is building strategy to conquer the UK market first, and would be later targeting Europe using left-hand drive cars, followed by the Middle East, where the people have riches as well as they savor the exotic drives a lot. “For the company to survive, we need reasonable volumes,” Edgar said in a statement, hinting the mass production of the car in the country.

Edgar said the designs are ready, and they’re now joining the bits together to polish off the gem. Although the name of the upcoming car is not revealed yet, we might have a glimpse of its design by the end of this year.

The last time TVR used a four cylinder design was in 1984 in their car, Tasmin 200, which featured a Ford 2.0-litre under the hood. The company is under a lot of pressure to lower CO2 emissions, but for a brand who craves speed and massive engines, curbing their desires is one huge challenge. On that, Edgar commented, “We need to tackle the demons from the past, and create an awesome looking, lightweight sports car for the 21st century.”

The reports say that TVR is planning to launch a coupe, before three other sports cars, in early 2017. The car is expected to be priced about £55000-£85000 in the UK. The company has planned strategies for a decade, and a roadster will follow this launch, and then a higher-performance version of the car. Since their roots lie in F1 racing, we might expect a lightweight racer too in the segment.