On Wednesday there was an attack during a live broadcast that occurred early morning when the two television journalists were killed with gunshot wounds. The authorities who inspected the incident stated that the gunman was a former employee of the same TV station. The suspect, 41 year old Vester Flanagan, was pursued along the Virginia highway who was found hours later in a wounded state as he had apparently shot himself.

The journalists who were killed were both in their twenties, Alison Parker, the reporter who was twenty four years of age and Adam Ward, who was twenty seven and acting as the cameraman at the time they were shot. They were working for WDBJ7, an affiliate of CBS based in Roanoke in Virginia. The woman they were interviewing at the time they were shot was also wounded.

Two TV Journalists Die During Live Shooting In Virginia

The on air shooting took place during 6.45 am when the interview was going on for a morning news show. The interview was being held at Bridgewater Plaza, which is a place for recreation by the Smith Mountain Lake and boasts of restaurants, holiday rentals, boating, shops and arcades. The area is part of the south central state region and located about 120 miles from Richmond, the capital city. The broadcast was interrupted suddenly as there were shot sounds and the woman as well as Parker screamed and ducked to get cover from the shooting.

After hours had lapsed, the shooting appeared as an online video that had the entire incident captured, apparently taken from the vantage point of the shooter. Bryce Williams, which is the on air name of the gunman, was found to have posted the videos on Facebook and Twitter. The videos were removed after that, but one showed someone holding a shotgun as he approached the reporter.

The station informed the authorities that Flanagan had been a former employee who had been let goes about two years ago. He was driving a rental car and he refused to stop when state troopers followed his vehicle. Later in his car was found running off the road with a gunshot wound on his self. The station was asked by CNN whether they had received any threats or emails, general manager informed that there was nothing specific that they could recall, though crazy threats and emails do come in from time to time. The station stated that Alison and Ward were both engaged to other people and were a great team that covered breezy topics for the morning show.