Sprint is the fourth largest wireless carrier in the country. It has decided to increase its unlimited data plan prices by $10 and the unlimited plan rate will cost you $70 a month from October 16th. Sprint claims that the increase in its unlimited plan rate is still less than what you can get from T-mobile.

Sprint has not let out more details on the factors that influenced to increase the unlimited data plan pricing. There is no doubt that unlimited data plans are not offered by many of the US carriers. With unlimited plans, you will get the opportunity to make unlimited calls, messages as well as use high speed data.

Unlimited Data Plan Price Of Sprint To Go Up By $10

Sprint has raised its unlimited plan charge from $60 to $70 and T-Mobile is offering a similar plan for $80. This makes Sprint’s pricing of the unlimited plan service cheaper than other competitors. The leading wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T are not offering unlimited plans for their customers.

Sprint has also said that the existing customers who are now on the $60 a month plan will be able to enjoy the same plan, even after October 16. All those new customers who sign in and open a Sprint account till October 15 can avail the unlimited plan for $60 a month. Hence, Sprint is urging the new customers to sign up before the deadline date in order to enjoy the $60 a month plan. Once Sprint switches to the Now Network, the plan rate will be revised to $70 a month.

If a new customer wants to avail the $60 a month unlimited plan package, then he or she will have to sign up for Sprint Easy Pay or Sprint Lease or iPhone forever scheme and pay the full retail price of the phone they want to buy. They can also bring in their own devices. The costs to switch to Sprint’s network from other networks will be done free of charge by the wireless carrier.

The unlimited plan package was introduced by Sprint a little more than a year now. The CEO of Sprint, Marcelo Claure, said that instead of increasing the price, all of a sudden, the company wants to give customers a last chance to avail the plan at $60 a month. Hence, it has announced the new plan a couple of weeks earlier. This also gives new customers to join the network and enjoy the unlimited plan at the $60 rate.

Image Credit : PC World