Women who have experienced pregnancy and are recovering after giving birth, they need to follow the right diet in order to lose weight. In this diet veggie and fruits play a large role. As per researchers who conducted a study in University College in London, they stated that an ideal diet should comprise of vegetables and fruits which need to be about seven varieties instead of five. The study covered a population of 65,226 of men and women and the study concluded that, when a seven per day variety of fruits and vegetables are consumed daily, this reduces the risk of having major health problems.

The study was similar to one that was published in the PLOS Medicine magazine, talking about the vegetables and fruits that can aid in weight loss more than others. A similar article was also published in the New York Times where the diet of a large population of men and women in their forties and thirties was studied. The period of the study was a span of twenty four years and every four years the food and lifestyle habits of the men and women was noted.

Veggies And Fruits To Have In A Post Baby Diet

The overall study finding indicated that an increased intake of fruits and vegetables among men and women resulted in 0.53 pounds less gain in case of fruits while the gain for vegetables was reduced by 0.25 pounds. The studies also showed that some fruits and vegetables are better for weight loss than others. This was found to be particularly true of intake of berries and citrus fruits including apples and pears. Peppers and carrots also accounted for less weight gain as compared to starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn and peas.

The Huffington Post states that, starchy vegetables are also important in a nutritious diet and there are added benefits from them which cannot be ignored. For instance, peas offer vitamin K while potatoes offer fiber and potassium. For postpartum women who wish to manage their weight and bring it down, it is beneficial to consider the above findings and include more varieties of fruits and vegetables in one’s diet along with other food items.

New mothers experience a high level of fatigue for which they need a diet that will help them to carry on with the new routine of baby management. When one is nursing a baby, it is necessary to ensure that one follows a healthy diet that will not leave them hungry or feeling tired and deprived.