Verizon Wireless has launched the trial run of its mobile video service known as Go90. Verizon is looking to attract Millennials to turn the phones to 90 degrees to watch on demand television and live streaming of programs.

The popular telecommunications giant in the US is all set to bring out its pet Go90 free to view, ad supported mobile streaming service from next week, in a prelude to the official launch, and Verizon Wireless is offering the service to its phone users to get a feel of the video streaming service on their Smart phones.

Verizon Starts Its Test Run Of Free Mobile TV

The Go90 name stems from the fact that all Smartphone users who watch video content on their mobile rotate their phone by 90 degrees to watch the videos in landscape mode. This is why Verizon chose the name Go90 for its free, ad supported mobile TV. The service is aimed at 18 to 34 year old mobile phone users. The service will be offered to every mobile user, regardless of whether he or she is a Verizon customer.

Verizon says that 70% of the people falling in this age group will view videos on mobile first. The executives of Verizon were very particular in not including the Verizon name for the new free mobile TV service as they wanted to take it to a broader audience and not just for the Verizon customers.

The mobile company is looking to boost its mobile advertisement business. The company wants to give its advertisement associates a wider audience who love to watch premium content.

The customers who are interested in getting access to Go90 will have to download the free mobile application offered by the company. This app will be offered to only a select set of wireless customers.

The Verizon’s mobile TV service comes with 100 to 200 hours of exclusive content from popular online video networks like Brian Angiolet, Awesomeness TV and Machinima. Verizon is expecting this free mobile TV service to bring in more revenue through the data usage charges of its customers as well as through the targeted advertising.

Verizon will make use of the ad technology of AOL that it had acquired for $4.4 billion and this will help in improving the ad-serving capabilities of the TV service. The Verizon Go90 free TV service will feature the National Football League as well as live concerts. It will also carry popular shows from Discovery, NFL, ESPN and Comedy Central.