The shooting at the Aurora Theater occurred in 2012 whose trials are being concluded as the person who was responsible for shooting twelve lives is being tried in court. The different victims as well as family members of those deceased in the incident were given a chance to speak about the impact of the attack on their lives at the time when the sentence was meted out to the killer.

Early this month a jury gave the verdict that James Holmes, the murderer, would remain in prison without the possibility of parole as the jury was unable to decide unanimously on whether the execution was right for him. He is responsible for killing twelve members at the movie theater in suburban Denver which occurred on 20th July, 2012.

Aurora Theater

Before Holmes is being sentenced to prison for life, the Judge asked the victims as well as surviving family members to talk about the injuries that he caused in them. Not only had he attacked the movie theater, but also booby trapped his apartment with incendiaries and explosives. A surviving father of a twenty three year old daughter talked about the denial and shock that he experienced and how the past is difficult to come out of. Nicole Goeke survived in the shooting, but was a witness to strangers being killed by Holmes. She stated that she has lost much faith after what she witnessed. She suffers from post traumatic stress and is scanning public exits all the time. Several other witnesses also talked about the anxiety issues they face and the sleepless nights that they have.

The sentencing of Holmes will last for three days as family members and victims will recount their experiences as it is part of the Colorado legal norms. The cumulative sentence is considered in this case, though that may take several years. One of the victim’s mother complained that he was not given to the death penalty, but Samour replied that he will be punished for every crime that he has committed which might lead to twelve life sentences as well. Samour stated that victims need to go along with the year long trials which will be befitting the crimes committed, which would lead to deserving sentences for the criminal.

The latest session started in April when the jurors spent around fifteen weeks in hearing all the evidence being presented in court. The reasoning behind the deed committed by the former doctoral student in neuroscience is that, his educational and personal life was in jeopardy due to which he planned the attack in the theater which was targeted to help him increase his sense of self worth.