The video piracy issues on Facebook’s website will not be an issue anymore. Facebook has announced that it has a set of new tools that will help in tackling video theft on its website. A new video matching technology is set that will alert a group of chosen content creators if their videos are reposted on Facebook without their permission.

There were recent outrages from people about the slackness that Facebook is showing towards video piracy on its website. Facebook is in the mood to grow its video business. It had announced in July plans to share revenues from advertising with content creators. But, popular video creators like Hank Green and Brady Haran, have criticized the slow approach that Facebook is taking to curb video piracy.

There were also reports that 73% of the video content that are popular on Facebook were ripped from other popular websites. This has made Facebook think tank to come out with a new tool to detect freebooted videos. A small group of partners will be able to make use of this new tool initially. Once Facebook makes the tool foolproof, it would be offered to all video content loaders.

Video Theft Tackling Addressed With Facebook’s New Tools

The new video theft finding tool is capable of easily detecting the stolen video contents that are used in another video without the permission. YouTube has the option of blocking such infringing videos from the site automatically using the content ID system. This is not how Facebook works when it comes to tackling video theft.

Facebook will not be removing the videos automatically, but will give intimation to video copyright holders and ask them if they would like to remove the freebooted video from the Facebook website.

Mr. Haran, the person behind the word freebooting, says that the first few hours when a new video is uploaded is when it will get the maximum views. This must be taken into consideration by Facebook and must also be addressed by Facebook at the earliest.

Facebook wants to give a tough fight to YouTube as far as video on demand is concerned. This is why Facebook has started to share the advertising revenues with the creator of Facebook videos. This way Facebook will be able to get a good amount of video creators to upload their unique videos on their social media platform and thereby get more members to sign in.

Facebook has gone on record to say that over 400 billion video views take place every day on the Facebook site. In order to improve its video space, Facebook is committed to get rid of the video piracy by developing an all-inclusive video management system.