A recent study has revealed important findings about the impact of lower levels of vitamin D and its effect on the genes. In most countries the insufficiency of vitamin D is being discussed. Not only is it commonly found in northern temperate regions like Canada, where long winters restrict the exposure to sunlight among the people, even in other countries in tropical regions people are being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. The study links cases of MS with lower exposure to sunlight which leads to deficiency of vitamin D in our bodies the finding were talked about by Dr. Richards and William Dawson Scholar who led the study at the McGill University, department of medicine and human genetics.

The study was conducted by researchers of the McGill University that is based in Montreal. The study identified that certain genes become associated with lower levels of vitamin D and can accelerate the MS condition to come about in these human bodies.

The study was conducted and noted by several authors who stated that the association between vitamin D deficiency and MS was found to be quite strong. The trials that were conducted in a random and controlled manner assessed how supplementing vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of the MS condition can influence results. Hence, the deficiency of the same can be attributed to the increasing risks in humans who are less exposed to sunlight.

The results of the study were linked in particular to UK territories as well where people are known to have vitamin D deficiencies. Sunlight is known to be scarce in England due to which genes might be influenced as well. 25-hydrovyvitmain D levels in the genetic makeup can determine the status of vitamin D in the system.

Vitamin D In Insufficient Levels Might Increase Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is known to be an autoimmune ailment that affects the nerves of the spinal cord as well as the brain. The disease can come on in ages between twenty and forty and presently no cure is known for this ailment. There are complex interactions that occur at the genetic level when vitamin D deficiency is noted for which MS condition can occur.

With less exposure to sunlight, vitamin D levels in human systems can be genetically low due to which susceptibility to MS condition is especially strong. For this reason, the doctors recommend consumption of mackerel, salmon, which are caught in the wild as well as mushrooms that have been exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and can provide essential nutrition to the human system.