In what could be the biggest recall in the history of auto recalls, Volkswagen looks to be set to recall as many as 11 million diesel engines that it had sold in the market to refit the diesel engines. The customers will be asked to report to their respective dealerships across America to carry out the repair works on their Audis, Porsches, Skodas and Volkswagen brands.

The new CEO of Volkswagen group, Matthias Muller, has said that the customers will be asked to take their diesel Volkswagen brand vehicles to their respective dealers for the refit of diesel engines. It is not clear as to what this refit means. This announcement was made by the new Volkswagen Group boss in a closed door meeting he had with 1000 of the top managers of the Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen All Set To Recall 11 Million Diesel Vehicles

Muller did not reveal as to how Volkswagen group will be carrying out rectification on the diesel cars and how exactly the company will move to sort out the emission cheating software problems.

There are no details as to what impact the refit of the diesel engine would make on the mileage and the performance of the diesel cars. The refit work of the VW diesel engines would cost the company $6.5 billion and that’s a lot of money.

Volkswagen was given October 7 as the deadline by the German authorities to recall as many as 11 million diesel cars fitted with the cheating diesel emissions software. Volkswagen has to submit a plan to the authorities as to how they will be making the 2.8 million diesel cars running in Germany to be compliant with the emission norms. As many as 500,000 vehicles in the U.S.A are also carrying the cheating emissions software on the 2.0 liter TDI power train.

The refitting methods will be varied for different markets as the regulatory compliance standards would be different for different countries. The CEO admitted that Volkswagen is going through a very rough patch at the moment and lots of hard work has to be put in by the company to regain the faith of the customers as well as the authorities.

The task of refitting the diesel engines by Volkswagen AG will be carried out on 1.2 million Skoda cars, 2.1 million Audi vehicles, 700,000 Seat cars and on 1.8 million light commercial vehicles.

There is an information website opened by Volkswagen AG for the U.S. customers that will give information about the forthcoming recall.