The fix for the Volkswagen’s emissions test scandal for the diesel engines is not yet ready. There were reports that the fix would be ready in a few days, but so far there has been no breakthrough for the scandal from Volkswagen’s end.

If at all a remedy for emissions cheating scandal comes out, it is expected that there could be more than one remedy. There are a few Volkswagen diesel cars that can come out clean from the scandal with just a software update. It is not known as to how these diesel cars will perform and whether their fuel economy will be compromised after the software update.

Volkswagen Diesel Fixes Could Be A New Software Or A New Car

The other remedy might be one that needs a bigger catalytic converter to be fitted on the diesel engines. There are also reports that the remedies for the scandal may vary from country to country. Apart from these two fixes Volkswagen might also have to buy back a few diesel cars with cheat software from the current owners.

At present, Germany is the country that is pushing Volkswagen hardest for a fix and it has given the company a deadline of October 7th to submit a plan about the fix. If Volkswagen fails to come out with the plan, then the company might face a ban on its diesel cars on the German roads. There is no such threat given by the governmental agencies to Volkswagen in the U.S.

In order to reduce some of the pain that the U.S retailers are facing, Volkswagen is offering cash incentives to the tune of $ 2,000 to all the existing Volkswagen diesel car owners fitted with the cheat software. All affected TDI model owners of any Volkswagen brand are offered with this incentive. The TDI clean diesel models are exempted from this offer.

Volkswagen had set up a website for all the TDI diesel model owners in America to get the latest information about the emissions cheating diesel models from the company. The crisis of the diesel emissions test scandal is also affecting the dealership network of Volkswagen in the U.S. Volkswagen is offering payments to the U.S dealers because of the breakout of the scandal.

The diesel vehicles that are left with the dealers with a “stop sale” order will be financially reimbursed by the company. Volkswagen is also offering 1% off on the MSRP of each and every vehicle sold by the U.S dealers in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2015.