Are you interested in the new iPhone 6 that was launched by Apple during the Apple event in San Francisco last Wednesday? Do you want to buy this iPhone without making a huge hole in your pocket? Well, Sprint is the best option for you to buy the all new iPhone 6 Smartphone at the lowest price in the U.S.

The competition in the wireless industry is really huge in the United States. With the launch of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the service providers are trying to woo more and more customers to join their network by coming out with attractive bundling and data pack offers. This is one way of luring more customers away from their fierce competitors.

Want A New iPhone For Cheap? Buy It From Sprint

The Sprint Corp. is offering the 16 GB iPhone 6S with basic calling, text and data plans between $3 and $10.50 per month. At present, the offer from Sprint seems to be the best by a mobile service provider in the U.S. The other three top U.S. carriers will also be coming out with attractive basic data, calling and text packs for customers very soon.

There is a test in the tale as well. Apple, after its launch of Apple iPhone 6S, also came out with an offer of letting out its own finance scheme for customers to buy the unlocked iPhone 6S. This will give the customer the freedom to opt for their carriers and also can switch between the carriers at will. This will help the customers to own an unlocked iPhone 6S and not be tied down to a contract from only one carrier.

The charge for a 16 GB iPhone 6S from Sprint is $22 a month for a 21 month lease. If you are taking the basic text, data and talk plan worth $45, then your overall cost for the carrier services and the phone lease will cost $67 every month.

The AT&T US Inc. carrier also has plans similar to Sprint’s and it will cost $70 a month, which includes carrier charges of $50 a month and the monthly $20 for the phone for a period of 18 months.

Verizon Communications and AT&T are the top most wireless companies in the United States. Smaller companies like Sprint and T-Mobile are looking to lure their customers by offering the iPhone 6S bundling plans at lower prices. Whenever a new iPhone is launched, Sprint allows users to upgrade their phone every time.