For those who wish to step up their efforts to lose weight need to consume a large glass of water every time before sitting down for a meal. The study indicates that, when one drinks a glass of water about thirty minutes before consuming a meal will help them to reduce about none and a half pounds in a time span for 12 weeks. This study helps boost the chances of weight loss which people follow as a combination of diet and exercise. Today the natural health drink can also be counted as one of the weapons against weight gain.

The benefits of water for our system are numerous. The different bodily functions are kept up through this medium as well as keeping our mood in balance and our thinking sharp. It is known to lubricate the joints and keep constipation at bay. The detoxification process of the body is stepped up by consuming water as well as the nutritional balance in the body. Energy levels are kept optimal as well as the body stays cool and the skin emits a healthy glow when water is taken in.

Weight Loss And Water Should Be Made Complimentary As Per Docs

The Institute of Medicine states that women need to consume about eleven cups of water every day while the requirement for men is even more, about 16. However the stats show otherwise as it is found that men and women who are older than fifty do not keep up the trend and the same goes for about forty percent of the population under the age range of fifty.

The debate of water and its requirement as well as role in weight balance still goes on. For instance, some experts state that six to eight glasses of water would be enough for a person. Again, the source of water is also important which affects out system and health as well. There is a useful way to find out the individual water consumption target. This should be calculated by dividing the weight of the body by two and plans to drink the same amount in ounces every day. The general recommendation is that eight glasses of water need to be consumed by every healthy individual. There is the water content in many food items like fruits and vegetables, but that need not be counted in the total amount to be consumed. The color of the urine should also be an indication of the amount that one should consume.