Those who have opted for weight loss supplemental pills from Lucy’s Weight Loss System need to stop taking them immediately as a random testing was done on these pills and two ingredients were found in these pills that violate the health and safety norms. One of them is the Sibutramine, which is considered an appetite suppressant, but it elevates the heart rate and blood pressure and can bring in cardiac problems in people. The other ingredient that was found problematic is phenolphthalein that is considered to an ingredient that is used in laxatives but has been banned as studies have revealed that the ingredient can stimulate cancerous growth, especially when taken for long.

Weight Loss Pills Recalled After Cancerous Ingredient Found

The products of Lucy’s Weight Loss System contained these ingredients in an undisclosed manner which is disturbing. These are ingredients that would not be approved to be part of any weight loss supplement sold in the US. Hence, these products need to be removed from the shelves, especially for those who have already started to take these pills. The product is marketed as Pink Bikini as well as Shorts on the Beach. The capsules are gold and blue which are on recall as well as pills that have been sold through the online medium in the months of May and June.

Most of the products were sold online and hence, the company has stated that it will be informing all the customers via email. The products need to be returned and the company is arranging for the same. The company representatives are informing the media that there have been no complaints received, but they are complying with the findings of the FDA. As the FDA research has found the above mentioned drugs in these products which are banned in the US. Around thirty bottles of each of the two byproducts of the company have been sold between the time span of one month, between May and June. The appetite suppressant ingredient that was not disclosed in the products is known to increase the blood pressure substantially and the heart rate. This can lead to cardiac problems in people who have a preexisting heart condition. As the ingredient was not mentioned on the products, this was a violation against the interests of the consumers. The other drug, known to have been included in certain laxatives till the time it was banned for cancerous side effects, was also not mentioned on the product ingredients list.