On Monday, the president of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut said that 10 students and 2 visitors had been given medical treatment after ingesting Molly, a party drug, sometime during the weekend.

Mark Roth the school’s president in a letter to the community said eight of those that were affected Sunday were still hospitalized on Monday, but that four were expected to be discharged later Monday afternoon.

The four others were expected to remain in Hartford Hospital. Two of the four were in critical condition after being airlifted on Sunday from the university. Two others were listed by the hospital as being in serious condition. The school and hospital both said they did not have any updated information to share as of Monday afternoon, citing privacy concerns.

Lauren Rubenstein a spokesperson for the school declined to provide new details about the incident. When she was asked if the incident was linked to an on campus rave music event on Saturday, she only said that it had been part of the ongoing investigation.

The show, at the Eclectic Society, had featured New York DJs who are known as Swim Team. The DJs did not respond to an email that had requested a comment.

Molly is used to describe a more powerful and refined form of MDMA (Ecstasy) or other synthetic drugs that are similar.

The drug can drive up the temperature of the body and cause cardiovascular, kidney or liver failure.

The school’s president added that if people were aware of people who were distributing the drug to please let someone know in order to prevent others from becoming hurt. The drugs, said Roth can be altered in certain ways that make them more toxic.

William McKenna the Police Chief in Middletown said the department was investigating information regarding a bad batch of the synthetic drug.

McKenna added that obtaining information about the batch of Molly was critical to ensuring the safe recovery of the students affected.