Those who are fans of the pop music culture will surely not miss out on the mega event planned this weekend, the MTV Video Music Awards. The show has a long line of historic moments that were created in the history of music, such as Madonna wearing a wedding dress and singing the song “Like a virgin”. The list is a long one – Diana Ross and Lil Kim went second base at an MTV Awards function as the rapper had worn a bedazzled pasty instead of a bra on her left breast. Lady Gaga has also made these functions exemplary by sporting raw beef on the carpet and other outrageous gears and garments. Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the same event as well as the same event where Miley was seen twerking with Robin Thicke. Hence, one can look forward to several spontaneous happenings and revelations at the event this year, but five things one can surely look forward to in this year’s event.

The first thing that most people are looking forward to being Miley doing her thing or thang, in anticipation to the clothes or undergarments that she will make history with on the stage. This year one will see her being the host which will also be something different to look forward to.

What To Expect From The 32nd MTV Video Music Awards

The second thing that one can look forward to is Taylor Swift debuting a single for her new album “1989: wildest dreams”. There is the much talked about clip of Scott Eastwood and Swift starring amidst a herd of zebras, which will also be shown during the pre show.

The third most talked about personality is Kanye West who will take the stage and receive awards as well. He is known to have pitted stars one against the other by telling them who deserved the award better. The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award will be given to him this year.

The fourth highlight of the show is Justin Bieber, who has had a few run ins with the law as well as breakups in the past year. However, he will be showcasing his latest comeback video and song “What Do You Mean” in this show. The new single performance will be something that the fans can look forward to.

The fifth element of the show is Britney Spears, who has been part of countless controversies and will be seen taking the front row seats with Kylie Jenner. These are some of the several highlights of the show besides countless others which will turn up as the event progresses.