Apple will be bringing out the new ad blocking feature in the iOS 9 and this is seen by many to be a direct attempt from Apple’s side to topple the traditional Google’s ad revenues. Apple is not content on this and is also planning something big that could upset the revenues that Google is enjoying at the moment. A new update on the iOS 9 operating system is that it could have an even greater impact on the income through the search engine.

There is no better search engine on the internet than Google search. But, Apple is looking to offer the improved Spotlight search on its OS and this could also spoil the revenue that Google is earning through its search engine. Even though the Spotlight search will not have such huge visibility like Google search, yet it can slowly eat into the ad revenues of the search engine giant.

Will Apple’s iOS 9 Gobble Search Revenue Of Google

Apple through its new iOS 9 OS will be indexing the app content ad will be providing the results when people are searching using Siri or Spotlight even before the user hits the Bing or Google search button to get the search result. Apple will be making use of its mobile to greater use. It will develop a store for the results and make it sit locally on the device of the user. The personal data re all kept safely as it looks hyper-personalized in the eyes of the user.

Google knows about this changing market and is not slow to respond to such a threat from Apple. It is also building its own indexes so that it offers better app search for its users. Google is also offering app results for a while now. Google Now has also stated to join hands with certain publishers to offer relevant content within the Google Now app for its users.

The problem for Google will arise with the iOS users as they will be instinctive loyalty towards new services offered through Apple devices. They will quickly take what is on offer from their device provider. But, with more Android users on this planet, Apple has a long way to go to upset the apple cart of Google and to eat into its search engine revenue.

As more and more users get to know what the new Spotlight has to offer, there is no doubt that the ad revenues that Google gets from the mobile will start to droop.