The Samsung, the leading electronics giant in the world, has brought forth the first ultra high definition Blu-ray player into the world. This newly launched product will be giving the customers the option to watch movies in ultra high definition, which will be four times the resolution that they will get out of a standard Blu-ray player.

Samsung is hoping that the product will be a huge success in the international market. With Samsung smart phones doing great business in the U.S, the company is hoping that they get the same response from the Americans once the UHD Blu-ray player launches in the U.S. market. The new product will first go on sale in European markets first before being introduced to the other countries of the world.

World’s First Ultra HD, Blu-Ray Player Introduced By Samsung

The UHD Blu-ray devices from Samsung will be offered with up to 100GB capacities than the standard Blu-ray player that is on sales now. The new Blu-ray player from Samsung was shown to the world during the IFA event in Berlin. The new Samsung Blu-ray player has a curved design just like the Samsung’s Ultra high definition TVs. The new player also offers a color expression that is 64 times better than what you get out of a standard Samsung Blu-ray player.

You will experience better picture, contrast, sharpness and brightness with the Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The popular movie studio Fox is already working to tweak its releases, so that it works better with the new Blu-ray format launched by Samsung. With this player, you will be experiencing 4K movies at the comforts of your home, which offer great picture and sound quality that is just like what you experience in a movie theater.

Samsung has announced that it will be entering into tie-ups with the biggies in the movie business like Netflix, Amazon and Canal Plus to develop and create new UHD content all over the globe. The standard Blu-ray player looks upscale when it is connected to a 4K TV and it is left to one’s imagination to see what the new upgraded UHD Blu-ray player will be offered when it is connected to a 4K TV. The player has an HDMI2.0 port to support standard HDR videos.

Samsung announced during the IFA event in Berlin that the new Ultra high definition Blu-ray player will be going on sale in 2016. Fox unveiled its first HDR package and has said that it will be soon bringing out more titles.