MalikJust one day after leaving the famous band, One Direction, 22-year-old band member Zayn Malik is speaking out. He said that he felt more in control of his life now than ever before and that he was already working on some of his own music for being a solo performer.

Fans across the world were devastated by his departure with some asking the band to be lenient should he want to come back. However, from what Malik says a return is nothing something he has interest in doing.

In an interview, Malik said that he simply could not do the band thing anymore. He admitted that the last several days had been crazy and somewhat mad but he now feels in control. He also stated that he is happy with his decision and knows it was right, not only for him but the other members of the band as well.

When asked why he quit One Direction, Malik responded that he had been doing something he was not happy with for a long time and that for everyone, including fans, he needed to leave. He added that everything he has ever done was for the fans and that he never wanted to disappoint.

According to Malik, there are no hard feelings with anyone in the band. He said there was no negativity and that everything with Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson was fine.

One Direction also commented saying that at this time, there is no plan to replace Malik. For now, the band will continue on with four members instead of five. They also stated that there were never any problems and that the group remains tight.

Malik confirmed that he had received a tremendous amount of support from the other band members and in fact, they have all been cool about his departure. The other members are still happy doing what they do so they will continue on but for Malik, it was simply time to make a change.

He was also asked if perhaps he might return to One Direction at some point, at which time the reporter cited Geri Halliwell returning to the Spice Girls after nine years. To that question, Malik said he was unsure.

At this point, Malik is busy working on new music with famed music producer, Naughty Boy. He is also trying out new sounds to include rapping. Without question, One Direction will not be the same with Malik gone. Whether he comes back or not, the band will remain strong and 100 percent dedicated to fans.